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For the dollars you spend on lawn fertilizer, weed control, mosquito sprays, and tree and shrub care you deserve the best! Turf Guys is a friendly, locally-owned company who strives to exceed expectations. We pride ourselves on safe superior products, exceptional service, expert technicians, and honest advice. 


  • We use high-grade premium golf-course grade materials with advanced technology and cutting-edge formulations.

  • Every technician is expertly trained and individually certified and licensed by the state.

  • For your piece of mind, all precautions are followed tirelessly for safety, effectiveness, and EPA approval.


  • We don’t use teaser rates that triple the next year.

  • We won’t badger you with upsells.

  • Call centers don’t exist.

  • Questions and issues are answered and responded to quickly.

  • We back our guarantee.

We are industry leaders in lawn care service, specializing in weed control, fertilization, tree care, bug sprays.  Serving Lake Zurich, Buffalo Grove, Long Grove, Mundelein, Vernon Hills, Libertyville, Wauconda, Crystal Lake, Gurnee, Hawthorn Woods…
Weed Control & Fertilizer Treatment


Our safe, state-of-the-art, golf course grade, products are specially formulated to produce the greenest and healthiest lawns in the state! Our team combines over 35 years of industry experience ...

New & Improved Aeration Process


Turf Guys highly recommends this vital component to your turf care plan. Lawn aeration allows your irrigation and fertilizer investment to truly work for you. Lawn aerating relieves compact soil ...

Turf Guys Tree & Shrub Sprays & Treatmen
Protect Your Investment


While lawns are generally the focal point of most yards, don’t forget about your Trees and Shrubs. Well-maintained landscaping adds dimension, personality and increases the value of your home ...

Turf Guys Bug Barrier Program
Bugged By Bugs


Bug Barrier treatments control pests from invading your home. Our professional Certified Technicians spray a thorough perimeter barrier around the entire house foundation ...

Turf Guys Mosquito Control Packages
Claim Back Your Yard


Worried about being outside? Protect your family and pets against mosquitoes, fleas and ticks. Turf Guys’ Pest Control Sprays vastly diminish these blood sucking varmints ...

Turf Guys Grub Control
Wipe Out Grubs


Grub worms are a subsurface insect that can destroy lawns OVERNIGHT! In our area the highest population is annual white grubs. Grubs feed on grass roots until it dies...

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