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Slit Seeding:

  • This is typically done by a Landscaper who will rent a machine.

  • Request that they seed in one direction and then another pass crossing over the previous pass.

Top Dressing & Over Seeding:


(Very Effective)

  • Loosen up existing soil with a rigid rake.

  • Install ¼” – ½” of pulverized top soil over the entire area to be seeded.

  • Spread seed evenly with a hand-held spreader. (Battery operated is best. Home Depot sells one called “The Wiz”).

  • Drag a leaf rake across the soil to set seed into soil.

  • Cover entire area with a thin layer of peat moss which will help maintain moisture.

Double Core Aeration w/ Top Dressing & Over Seeding:

  • A Landscaper will core the lawn 2 times, making sure to cross over on 2nd pass.

  • Then a thin layer of 50% topsoil / 50% peat moss is “top dressed” across the entire lawn (about ½” thick).

  • Seed is then spread over the top of the soil mix.

Core Aeration & Over Seeding:

(Least Effective)


  • Same as above without the top dressing.

Spot Seeding:

  • Install 50% top soil / 50% peat moss mix about ¼” to ½” thick.

  • Spread seed and be careful to not “clump” a bunch of seed in one spot, it must be evenly spread out.

  • Drag a leaf rake across the seeded area one time to set seed into soil.

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